The Tilakka "experience code" concept

My name is Eva, de Lera, and I launched "Tilakka" in September of 2019 to serve as inspiration and help disseminate the concept.

"Tilakka" is the idea of an "experience label or code", in which a QR is used to augment an existing experience (vs. redirecting the attention). "Tilakkas" add a sensorial layer to something or someplace, help create more authentic connections and also spark joy, inspiration and curiosity.

As Eva718, I began to integrate "tilakkas" in visual art (i.e. Valery Rizzo's Pin-Up Girls), placed it on a t-shirt to promote the benefits of smiling in NYC (smiling4change.org) and even on the cava bottles I served on my 50th bday, a "thank you" audio message directed at friends & family. 

Need help creating your own? Feel free to use these free and simple instructions!