About Us

About Us

On a mission to sow Love and Joy

We want to make people happier through connections that matter.

Experiential design 

Tilakka is an experiential design brand and agency. Its founder, Eva de Lera (aka Eva718), is an emotion-centered designer and QRtist who enjoys exploring and discovering ways for integrating emotions in digital lives.

New approach to engage with fans/consumers

Inspired by the use of QRs in her artwork, she created and developed the experience "label" concept: attaching emotional and sensorial experiences to products, wearables, printed materials (i.e. ads), and/or spaces, as a new way for brands, people and organizations to connect and bond with fans in a more authentic, immersive and unique way.

Adding a dimension vs re-directing

Audio or short text tilakkas (inclusive thinking) provide a richer, more augmented and immersive experience, as these allow the person's mind and senses to stay in that moment/object/place (instead of having their attention re-directed elsewhere, i.e. website, contact, event, etc.). Video tilakkas may also work well when taking the person from a sense-less text/page/add, to a richer experience. 

Tilakka spins the QR code 45º (and calls it a “tilakka“) to serve as an “experience alert”.  Both codes (QR & tilakka) may co-exist in one product, label, ad, etc. (one leading to information, the other, to a more sensorial/emotional experience). 

This new, refreshing and fun use of QR codes offers an opportunity to: 

  • add unique sensorial or emotional experiences to "things"
  • add winks, short texts, sounds, and others that make an experience immersive
  • share stories in 1st person, on how something is made,
  • share behind-the-scene anecdotes from the founders,
  • provide detailed sensorial, personal descriptions about something or someplace
  • share different things at different times, i.e. Whispering
  • etc. (the possibilities are infinite)

Anywhere we look or go... it is easy to spot a tilakka opportunity. And we can help you get started!


Let's #tilakkatheworld 

Tilakka launched online in January of 2020, starting with just a handful of designs.