About Us

On a mission to sow Love and Joy

We would like to make people happier through connections that matter.

Tilakka's founder, Eva de Lera (aka Eva718), is an Emotion-Centered Designer and QRtist who enjoys exploring ways for integrating positive emotions in our digital lives.

Inspired by the use of QRs as an "experience/essence door" in her artwork, she created and developed the experience label concept: to attach experiences to products and spaces, as a way to augment the experience, while retaining the person's attention in the product itself (instead of redirecting the attention elsewhere). This is achieved mostly through audio "tilakkas".

We envision a world full of unique and inspirational "tilakkas" (#tilakkatheworld), so we would like to partner with brands and organizations and help them create their own Custom Tilakkas, so they can connect and bond with audiences in a new and more authentic way.

Tilakka launched online in September of 2019, starting with just a handful of designs and the "experience label" concept created and developed by its founder, Eva de Lera.