About Us

About Us

We value authentic stories and experiences

  • We want to make people happier through unique interactions and connections.
  • We believe brands can use more unique and authentic bonding with their fans.
  • We developed the concept of "tilakka" as experience codes that can be integrated in products and/or spaces' labels, to provide an unexpected and enjoyable additional layer to that which is seen, felt or experienced, hence the slogan: "more than meets the eye".
  • We use the 45º spin to "flag the experience" and prompt the person to scan & enjoy! (mainly when the regular QR code is used to direct the person to a website, so the spined one is clearly something else, a message, a story, music, etc.)

We like to add value to a moment, not re-direct it 

  • Tilakkas deliver enjoyable/richer experiences, right then and there, instead of re-directing people's attention elsewhere (i.e. a brand's website). For example:
    • STORY TILAKKA: As we are awed by a designer table and get near it, we see and scan the tilakka and hear the voice of the designer share what inspired her to do this piece, or something about how it was made. We hear her voice as our eyes and hands are on the tale itself.
    • SOMMELIER TILAKKA: We bring a nice wine bottle to a friend's dinner and once the glasses are served, we use the phone to scan the tilakka and we hear the sommelier describe the wine while we look at it, smell it, and "follow" the wine tasting/description. Our senses are on the wine, while we hear all about it.

      We like ideating sustainable options

      • We added the DIGITAL (.png) Collection to encourage:
        • printing locally
        • on re-used fashion (own or second hand)
      • Doing so:
        • avoids the costs and impact of producing new garments, of packaging and distribution.
        • helps reduce the carbon footprint


      Tilakka.art was launched by Eva de Lera (aka Eva718) in January of 2020, with just a handful of designs and the collaboration of friends and family.