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We would like to partner with brands and organizations for Custom Tilakkas. From Tenuta San Guido to Ilse Crawford, Patagonia to Barça, designers, makers, brands, we will help you design authentic experiences by creating tilakkas that help you connect with your audiences.

  • Need some inspiration?
  • Do you already have a story and are ready to share in a Tilakka?

Tilakka is:

  • An experience attached to your product.
  • A way to connect and bond with your fans, in an authentic way.
  • Added value right then and there!
  • Low cost to implement (as stickers, labels or added to existing labels)
  • A fun and unique way to reach your audiences.

From having an audio of the Sommelier in the wine bottle, to having the anthem of your sports team on the team t-shirts, to including audio descriptions, music, suggestions, how-tos, or other, of the items by the founders, the makers, etc. Something authentic, connecting. Tilakka (a 45º QR acting as the experience-visual-cue) unleashes a world of unlimited possibilities. 

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