Create your own "tilakkas"

Awe your fans, augment the experience! 

Tilakka on products

We invite you to quickly and freely create Tilakkas, so you too can make people happier through experiences that matter.  

Retain your fans' attention (vs. re-directing it) 

Deliver enjoyable/richer experiences, right then and there, you may:

  • Share a Behind-the-Scenes Story: who would not want to hear the designer tell a story about the inspiration for that design, or about how it was made? By placing an audio "story tilakka" on the label that anyone can scan and listen to, the maker/designer can connect in a more authentic and personal way with the fans. 
  • Attach a Wine-Tasting Audio-Experience: what about having the Sommelier over for dinner? We can embed the wine-tasting experience in every bottle by placing an audio "wine tasting" tilakka on the label or bottle! Imagine dinner with friends, we scan the wine tilakka and listen to the Sommelier tell us about the wine, while other senses are on the friends, the glasses, the beautiful setting (not the phone!).
  • Add a Daily-Promotion: would you like to discover a new artist, poet, comedian or other, every day? Imagine your favorite drink brand promoting a new talent every day on their label! The same tilakka can embed a different audio each day! So every time you scan your favorite brand, a new artist appears!


    _ was launched by Eva de Lera in September of 2019 with just a handful of fun designs to serve as inspiration and help disseminate the concept.