News Release - Whispering "live" (28-Jan-2020)

Press Release

“Whispering” Live - New Concept of Wall-Art

Live performance finds a home on the walls

BARCELONA, January 28th, 2020— Barcelona emotion-centered designer, artist and entrepreneur, Eva718 (Eva de Lera, founder of, presented this week a “live” wall-art piece.  With a common QR code transformed as artistic visual art, Whispering is a new concept in contemporary art, where the QR code (or tilakka, as she prefers to say), takes visitors, art collectors and fans, to an always changing sound art piece, updated several times per week by the artist. 

“I wanted to perform for an audience as life happens, in the present, yet free of the constraints of space” mentions Eva718. And adds: “When I share thoughts, words, ideas, sounds, I feel close to that person who, today, is scanning me. I believe there’s a deep universal connection happening at that very moment, between both of us.”

This is a different proposal that brings a new dimension to the traditional wall-art displayed in galleries, public spaces, homes and other art-filled spaces, where the end is usually the visual art, or, when a QR code is used, takes the viewer to the same constant dimension.

Whispering opens-up a world of infinite possibilities, for applying multiple experiences to one same design (i.e. placing a “whispering” tilakka in art as well as any product or label, sharing words, music or other, with their audiences, surprise them, awe them, daily).

For more information about Eva718, please contact or call +34 696 950 537. 

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