"The Tilakka" by Eva718


Add "The Tilakka" to your wall-art

This "The Tilakka" print from Eva718 signals the birth of the Tilakka Experience Label concept she developed and openly shared, in which the QR is rotated 45 degrees, and placed on the product or space itself, to transform what is perceived to be an "informational experience" into an "emotional experience". Eva's work stands out in that she has transformed the use of QR codes to help bridge an emotional gap between designers, makers, and the people that appreciate what they do. Her aim is to make this a more connected, authentic and emotional world. 

  • Serigraph / Screen Print
  • Limited Edition, 1000 prints
  • Signed, stamped, numbered and certified.
  • 2 colors
  • 50 x 70 cm.
  • 2019


Please contact Eva718 directly to buy your copy.