Press Release (20-Jan-2020)

Press Release

Tilakka places experiences right on the products

New concept and strategy to connect and bond with consumers.

BARCELONA, January 22nd, 2020— Barcelona based Studio Qualia718 announced today the launch of, a new brand and concept that places experiences right on the products themselves, to connect and bond with fans in a new and unique way, augmenting the product experience, right then and there. Tilakka is also sharing the Create a Tilakka instructions with other brands, makers and organizations worldwide, so they too can join the movement that will deliver enhanced and richer experiences.

The use of “tilakkas” in new designs, products, ads, or other, helps retain the person’s attention, without being redirected to an informational website, or video. Tilakka strongly recommends the use of audio or short text tilakkas, for the intention is to add to the moment, to amplify, augment the actual experience.  And for a smoother and more enjoyable experience, the Tilakka App has integrated an mp3 player, so when the tilakka is captured, the play button appears (for minimal screen-looking time). It also formats the text on a clean page.

“I believe tilakkas solve the attention challenge that designers, marketers and advertisers have been facing for decades, while offering a way to bond and connect, for almost no cost'', said Eva de Lera, Tilakka’s conceptual artist and founder.  She also believes that QR codes and tilakkas can perfectly co-exist in one same product, the common QR leading to more information, and the tilakka leading to an experience.

The tilakka’s 45º spin is used to visually alert the person about the existence of an experience. It is a simple concept with huge potential and impact.  

For more information about or Eva de Lera, please contact or call +34 696 950 537.