Let's #tilakkatheworld


From "more information" to "experience it!"

The "Experience Label concept" consists on placing authentic and unique experiences right on the products themselves, and we are using 45º QR codes to act as visual cues (common QR suggesting "more information" and this new 45º QR suggesting "experience it!"). 

    Created by Eva de Lera (aka Eva718), she also refers to these "experience labels" as "tilakkas", to describe the concept in a simple way.  "Is the tilakka ready for the new wine?", "Did she send you the audio for the tilakka?", and so on.

    Experience labels provide a new opportunity for creatives, artists, makers, producers, marketers, advertisers and many others, to connect with others: 

    • they allow us to bond, right then and there!
    • they allow us to share unique, soulful and meaningful stories and/or experiences,
    • they allow us to augment the moment by adding a new sensorial layer,
    • they offer a huge value at a very low cost, or free.

    Tilakkas are meant to inspire, connect, awe. They offer an opportunity to add a new value layer to the item we observe, touch, see, feel (and can co-exist with the regular QR codes).



    If you have an interesting story behind your creation, an anecdote, words or a unique idea for sounds or words to attach to your products and awe your fans, we want to experience it!

    Please contact custom@tilakka.art if you need inspiration or assistance, or if the instructions in a different language.


    Consider giving back a portion of every sale (a royalty) to Eva718, the artist behind the experience integrated in your products. 


      Tilakka unleashes a world of infinite possibilities