Tilakka your brand!

we invite you to tilakka your brand

An easy way to share and bond with your fans

We really believe tilakkas can help you build better and stronger relationships with your fans, so we want to spread the word and invite others to tilakka their products, prints, spaces.

Place a tilakka on a label, on a sign, building or print ad, the possibilities are endless, and use these to share authentic and personal stories, or experiences that will make the fans smile!

  • Free to generate a QR (plenty of tools out there)
  • No added cost to implement (just add the QR image to existing designs)
  • Spin it 45º to differentiate from common QRs, using almost any editor (also useful if you plan on using both, one directing people to the website or more information, the 'tilakka' to the experience).
  • Retain the attention (vs. redirecting)
    • Audio tilakkas - share what inspired you to create the piece, or share a bit about why you do what you do, maybe a fun behind-the-scenes story you've never shared before, or some music, or voice instructions on how to wear, use, etc. (there are infinite possibilities).
    • Text tilakkas - write something that they don't expect to see/read/capture that adds to the moment, to the connection (i.e. a haiku, a poem, a related joke, or a "you're beautiful" message... limitless)

Of course, the tilakka may lead to a video, url, image, other, we just really love to augment the experience of the moment!

If you wish to know more about it or need help in implementing, ping us at hello@tilakka.artwe'll be happy to hear from you!