Whispering ("live" wall-art, by Eva718)

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This is a "live" wall-art piece. The visual art remains constant while the experience behind it changes over time (press release). Eva718 whispers, shares, on an ongoing basis and it will only go silent when life takes its natural course. At that moment, it will return to being a one-dimensional work, with history in its soul.

“I wanted to perform for an audience as life happens, in the present, yet free of the constraints of space” mentions Eva718. “When I share new thoughts, words, ideas, sounds, I feel close to that person who, today, is scanning me. I believe there’s a deep universal connection happening at that very moment, between both of us.”

Printed on Giclée Hahnemühle German Etching, the artist will also forward a signed certificate of authenticity, and a personal note ;-)

  • €718,50