As a QRtist, in 2016 I, Eva718, introduced the concept of Tilakka as an experience code. A tilakka is a QR with a 45º spin that signals, and opens up to, an authentic, engaging and emotional experience, one that enhances the connection between brands/spaces/makers and their fans, while also solving one of today’s marketing’s greatest challenges (retaining consumers’ attention).

The Create a “tilakka” for your fans! instructions were created and distributed in 2020 to encourage creatives to Tilakka the World”!

The possibilities are infinite. Wine makers can add wine-tasting audios to their wine bottles (snippet from a wine-tilakka), makers can add behind-the-scenes stories to products, labels, even their designs, sport clubs can add voices of their players or their hymns to their merchandising, print ads can add sounds, music, voices to campaigns, fashion designers can embed music and poetry in their textile designs, and many more, there’s always room for authenticity, uniqueness and connection.

Most of my tilakkas are audios because we live in an extremely visual world, but tilakkas can also be text, such as my logo – that says “I LOVE YOU”. I like to create inclusively, when possible. Some t-shirt text-tilakkas lead to haikus, fun messages, or other engaging and authentic moment.

Please refer to Press & Media for more information (I avoid social media, but feel free to share the concept – #tilakka, #eva718).

Contact me if you’re interested in collaborating with me as concept and/or voice-artist for your tilakka experiences.

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